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Commitment to a better living world 
Company RC Nusa has a commitment to plan and conduct their operations, and are to design, manufacture and distribute their products, according to sound environmental ethics and principles. 
To recognize that human activity brings into daily contact with the Earth's resources and ecosystems, including areas of special environmental value and sensitivity. To strive always to carry out work in the manner best calculated to minimize any adverse environmental effect and to seek ways of reducing environmental damage of any kind.
Where the work is subject to specific environmental laws or regulations, we will comply fully with all such applicable laws and regulations because this is good business practice. 
To implement the policy RC Nusa will do the following :
  • Use energy efficiently and allocate resources responsibly to meet objectives.
  • Be aware of and take steps to minimize any adverse impact on environment where conducting operations.
  • Maintain effective plans with awareness of unwanted discharges to the environment.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility in employees and sub-contractors.
  • Minimize production of waste and dispose responsibly.
  • Be sensitive to local community concerns about the environmental impact in operations.
We welcome you to share with us any views about related environmental issues through our contacts page. 


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