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Now and the future statement
Company RC Nusa is committed to addressing all issues to do with year 2000 (Y2K) compliance for its products, systems and services and has a Y2K awareness in place. The company has adopted the definition of Y2K conformity.
All individual products are Year 2000 ready and they will not affected by any date changes which has been awared for the year 2000. 
RC Nusa continues to evaluate all aspects of its business, for quality of the products and systems in running their function. Where we are reliant on third party systems and services such as the US Departement of Defense Global Positioning System (GPS) and public telecommunications networks, we expect that all the undertakings is made for reliability in the delivery of the service. However, RC Nusa cannot accept liability for faults or failures attributable to such third party services.
We welcome you to share with us any views about related Y2K issues through our contacts page. 


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