nusa product q & a
System hardware and software
Q: Why is my location slightly miss ploted on map display in some location, is it because NusaMap inaccuracy?
A: The limitation of a single GPS receiver is 10-20 meter accuracy in average. This condition sometimes may result in misplaced position, but most often not significantly displayed on NusaMap which includes maps developed for this purpose.
T: I already have a GSM cellphone with SMS facility, can I use it for telematics with NusaMap?
J: Yes, but according to type and feature limitation
T: Can I always find friend or track other NusaMap user with SMS?
J: No, unless the other user gives you the current acces code to retrieve his or her position.
T: If the system is turned off in the vehicle, can I still be able to get its position?
J: Yes, if it is still baterry connected and the GSM signal is available, at least the last logged data until where the system is turned off can be retrieved.
Q: Can I enter a destination point to get the route and directions?
A: Yes. Using NusaMap route guidance feature.
GPS Receiver
Q: Why is my GPS receiver not tracking satellites when I start?
A: A GPS receiver needs to store an almanac which contains the approximate locations of the GPS satellites. In a brand new GPS receiver a fresh almanac must be collected. It will take at least 12.5 minutes to download the full almanac by leaving the GPS receiver switched on. Once a valid almanac has been collected it will take approximately 3 minutes to start calculating positions. If the initial position and time is known it will take approximately 1 minute for time to first fix.
Q: Can I use other manufacturer's GPS receiver?
A: Yes, as long as the GPS receiver outputs the standard NMEA 0183 messages (most of them it is). There are PCMCIA GPS receivers available on the market that can be powered from the PDA's power supply or you can use other popular recreational handheld GPS receivers.
Q: Can I use the NusaMap GPS outside the car?
A: The GPS receiver supplied in the package is designed for a car installation. When it is installed it will be powered by the vehicle's car battery.
Q: What is the GPS receiver's accuracy?
A: When the Global Positioning System was being implemented, the US Department Of Defense introduced Selective Availability (SA) to degrade the accuracy for civilian users. A GPS receiver on its own could only achieve an accuracy of 100 meters. On 1st May, 2000 the US Government stopped the degrading of the GPS signal through SA. Accuracy now ranges from 6 to 20 meters for a single GPS receiver.
Map Data
T: What is a digital calibrated vector map?
J: The map is developed from combined photographic data with GPS signal coordination, in digital format as vector data which capable to show attribute data (eg. position, street name, distance etc.) for every line in the map drawing. 
T: Is the map capable of giving reliable position information in the GPS navigation system?
J: Yes, accuracy and calibration see previous QA's.
Q: What map data is available?
A: NusaMap navigation is completed with Jawa-Bali map with detailed provinces and major cities. See also Indonesia GPS map section.
Q: Will other map data be available?
A: Yes, it is expected that other regions be available in the future.
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